A community of practice that has found its digital habitat in order to honor the craftsmanship of service

In 2004 a few business trainers came together to discuss a several training topics they needed to tackle. Amongst these trainers were Sascha and Petra. During the discussion it became swiftly apparent that all these individuals lacked the proper training content to complete their training tasks, but realized that as a team they were able to provide some of the finest training on the planet. TrainingLibrary was born.

Joined by Elisabeth, Elena and Hans in 2005, a platform was created that first shared PowerPoint based training material, which, with a set of training notes could be used for simple training sessions. Within the next years several known business trainers joined the team and published PDF based booklets as well as further training content.

a world where professionals can belong and share the perennial value of service quality
— SG, 2015

In 2009, online learning was first introduced. E-learning found its way into universities, colleges and businesses that saw the effective way of getting teams up to speed on skills and knowledge.

In 2010 TrainingLibrary, now short called “TraLib” discontinued the PowerPoint style content sharing and has since been focusing on the development of training content for online learning. We have upgraded our skills over the last years and are now specialized in the luxury service industry, where we deliver online learning that focuses on leadership, skills and standards.

Come and join us !

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