we enable platforms for innovation

we enable platforms for innovation

100% truthful innovation from the shop floor to the CEO

At BotUpIno, we foster Bottom Up Innovation, the way it is thought off by the team on the shop floor. We provide a platform that allows teams to communicate ideas to the leadership of the company, without the buffer of corporate politics. 

For the Management (and CEO)

The larger your company, the further away you are from the shop floor. At BotUpIno, we close this gap by fostering innovation without filtering them through layers of management. A clear and honest idea, from your team to the management. 

For the Teams (and Ambassadors)

You have ideas that you believe can change your favourite brand, workplace or environment. Share them directly with the people who steer the company. If you are client, team member or brand ambassador, get noticed and show what an innovator you really are. Start now by searching for your company or area of expertise.

For the sake of Fairness

Feel free to submit any topics that you find are worth discussing for the benefit of the company. However, please be aware that we are focusing on innovation, in the sense of making your company better and stronger. Therefore we cannot accept negative postings about any companies or people.

We want decide upon, delete, change or highjack your ideas...

... we will simply communicate them to the CEO.


As much as we all loved our jobs, we felt that none of our ideas were taken serious. What was it? Was it the company who had grown to big? Was it our ideas that were just not thought through? Or simply, was it our supervisor who was blocking the ideas?

These and many other questions brought us to the point of developing BotUpIno. We thought, our CEO has the right to get new ideas, unfiltered and from the shop floor. Surely the top management can do with some input of what might work.

BotUpIno was established in 2016, between a team of professionals from diverse industries. We thought we give it a shot and do some BotUpIno ourselves. And here we are, with a platform that should serve you as an employee and your company as an employer to achieve a common goal, to thrive your company to new heights.

we develop online learning

we develop online learning

we communicate local knowledge

we communicate local knowledge